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“From broken and lost; to purpose and identity – my work is a visual diary of reinventing myself and rebuilding my life.”

Jennifer Scott is a mostly self-taught artist, located in Chicago, Illinois. When a life-altering illness left her bedridden and searching for her lost identity, a childhood passion for art was reborn. Jenny uses acrylic paint on texture-prepped canvases. The artist uses the bumpy, uneven texture of the canvas as a metaphor for the ups and downs we each experience as we navigate our lives. The rugged surface instantly removes any ill-perceived thoughts of achieving perfection – relieving pressure and allowing added freedom for artistic expression. While the artist likes to tackle an array of subject matter, much of her work is inspired by the beauty of Creation. Jennifer often attempts to personify elements of nature, as a way to share stories of human experience and emotion.


"Redemptive Beauty" is the most recent painting series by Jennifer Scott. This series was released virtually on September 25, 2021. A portion of all sales from the "Redemptive Beauty" painting series will be donated directly to Pillars Community Health! A great organization with a wonderful mission - in recognition of their 100 year celebration!


The "Full Gallery" contains paintings done over the last several years. A wide array subject matter and styles at various price points- make it easy to find something for everyone! Directly beneath the Full Gallery is a section to purchase "Everyday Prints" and Signed/Numbered "Limited Edition Prints" as they become available.


Connection through Creativity! Participants leave our workshops with not only a unique and beautiful art piece - but also a friendly dose of support and encouragement! Come join us for some fun! To learn more about upcoming workshops and other events - please visit our Upcoming Events page!


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Yep! I published my very first book!

JUST KEEPIN' IT REAL - Poems, Ponderings & Paintings From the Heart of a Chronic Badass has just been released on Amazon!!!

A compilation of messy old writings and art from my archives, combined into one book (sans page numbers, lol)

Here is the direct link to purchase the paperback version. and if you do read it...I'd love your review!



"When I stand before God the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say, I used everything you gave me." - Erma Bombech

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