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A portion of all sales from the "Redemptive Beauty" painting series will be donated directly to Pillars Community Health! A great organization with a wonderful mission - in recognition of their 100 year celebration!


"Redemptive Beauty" is the most recent painting series by Jennifer Scott! The subtle messages throughout these twenty pieces were born of her own chaotic life journey. The shared emotions and experiences of humanity can be felt deeply when the viewer makes that personal connection with the piece. It is the artist's desire for the viewer to recognize parts of their own journey in these pieces, and to notice the commonality within humanity, rather than the differences. When we can finally sense that our stories may not be so unique after all, it conveys a compassionate assurance that we are not alone. Jennifer wants to use art as a conduit to reach others and a way to share her personal testimony. The artists own personal transformation and growth taught the importance of holding onto hope through the darkest of times, remaining tenacious, and gratefully accepting every second chance we are given!

Jennifer believes everyone should have access to the same healing, transformation and second chances that she was blessed with. Connecting people to their most needed resources - physical health, mental health, domestic abuse assistance, addiction recovery and other social services - is something Jennifer feels quite passionate about. Created to Create Studios will be donating a percentage of sales from the paintings within the “Redemptive Beauty” series, to an organization that encompasses this very mission. Pillars Community Health is an innovative provider of health and social services, one of the first nonprofits in the state of Illinois to integrate primary medical and dental care with mental health and social services. Serving communities in the west and southwest suburbs of Chicago, Pillars has been making a difference for 100 years! Acquiring an original painting from the Redemptive Beauty series will not only be a beautiful addition to your home or office but will also help Pillars continue their very important and necessary work!

Note: Images will go live following the upcoming opening event

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Created to Create Workshops!

Looking for a fun and meaningful art experience for your group or event? Unlike typical "Paint n Sip" parties, these creativity workshops use art as a conduit to share meaningful messages and facilitate conversations that help people to connect more deeply with their authentic selves, with others around them, and with God.


Each month, C2C has a new workshop with a different "positive message."  And the best thing about it C2C will bring the entire workshop directly to your group! (within service area.) Or if you are an individual, you can register for one of the semi-private workshops I facilitate in my small home studio. To see the calendar of schedule workshops or to learn more about hosting a group, go to the UPCOMING EVENTS page! If you are interested in learning a bit more about the interactive workshops, please check out C2C  Workshops    

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JUST KEEPIN' IT REAL - Poems, Ponderings & Paintings From the Heart of a Chronic Badass has just been released on Amazon!!!

A compilation of messy old writings and art from my archives, combined into one book (sans page numbers, lol)

Here is the direct link to purchase the paperback version. and if you do read it...I'd love your review!


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“From broken and lost; to purpose and identity – my work is a visual diary of reinventing myself and rebuilding my life.”

Jennifer Scott is a mostly self-taught artist, located in Chicago, Illinois. When a life-altering illness left her bedridden and searching for her lost identity, a childhood passion for art was reborn. Jenny uses acrylic paint on texture-prepped canvases. The artist uses the bumpy, uneven texture of the canvas as a metaphor for the ups and downs we each experience as we navigate our lives. The rugged surface instantly removes any ill-perceived thoughts of achieving perfection – relieving pressure and allowing added freedom for artistic expression. While the artist likes to tackle an array of subject matter, much of her work is inspired by the beauty of Creation. Jennifer often attempts to personify elements of nature, as a way to share stories of human experience and emotion.

"When I stand before God the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say, I used everything you gave me."

Erma Bombeck