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4/18/24 - God Box

"God Box" Healing Arts Ministry

  • The Loft at The Branch

Service Description

Participants will be using a variety of supplies to decorate their very own “God Box” (worry box, trouble box - whatever you feel most comfortable calling it!) This session will focus on the concept of “letting go.” We all tend to become obsessed with, and anxious over, our worries. Most often they are beyond our limited control. Participants will be encouraged to write the obsession down on a piece of paper and put it in the box. You can say a pray for God to remove it or simply ask your higher power to relieve you of the associated anxiety. When they put a written note into the box, they are encouraged to imagine giving the weight of it away and LETTING GO. Further, if/when God provides and answer to what was causing that worry – remove it from the box and burn it as an act of thanksgiving to God for answered prayer!

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Contact Details

  • 6125 West Foster Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA


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