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3/16/23 Creative Connections

"Intuitive Abstract" - Healing Arts Ministry

  • "The Loft" 6125 W. Foster - Chicago, Illinois

Service Description

In this workshop, we will be creating an intuitive abstract painting based on the poem "There's a Hole in my Sidewalk," by Portia Nelson. It beautifully describes the stages of transformation in a simple concise way. Each verse of the poem will be a prompt for participants to put brush strokes and colors that best match the emotions, onto the canvas. At the end they will be given an opportunity to “pull it all together” (if they choose) with final strokes to make their abstract aesthetically pleasing and complete in the artist's eye. We will discuss how most of us live life on autopilot. We keep repeating the same actions, expecting to get a different result, living a life of stagnation and not growth. The poem emphasizes honest self-reflection, taking responsibility, learning life lessons, and the commitment to becoming a better and bolder version of oneself. Through the process of art & creative processes, participants have opportunities for self-reflection, discussion, and connection with peers in a safe and supportive space! No art experience is necessary. Drawing, collage, painting, mixed media, crafts, and so much more!! We welcome you to come tap into your inner creativity! You might just be surprised by what you discover about yourself and those around you through the process!! Workshops are Free! Space, however, is limited to 15 participants per workshop. So please be sure to register early!

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3544 North Oconto Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA

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