Title: Winter Rose

Medium: Acrylic over texture o n 9x12 stretched canvas



A Rose in Winter (by J.L. Scott)

In her summer, her beauty was magnificent

The splendor of her velvety soft petals

Revealed a gentleness of spirit

The intensity and radiance of her glow

As she blushed a glorious shade of scarlet

Was exquisite to behold

Enticing beauty – impossible to ignore

Passers-by captivated by her majesty

Drawn to the alluring radiance of her gloriole

Wishing to remain in this place of sovereign diadem

She can no longer resist the overwelming sadness

Discerning that time stands still for no one

Her season of eminence is drawing toward completion

She takes one last bow before the curtain closes

In surrender to the corollaries

Of the inevitable changing seasons

She gently concedes to this passage of time

As a frosty blanket of white settles upon her

She is reminded that a rose cannot withstand the winter

This is her grand finale


Winter Rose