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  • "Unspoken"

    Title: Unspoken

    Dimensions: 24" x 18" stretched canvas

    Medium: Acrylic and oil pastel



    There are no more words.

    What has been left verbally unspoken

    Is now easily read in my ambivalent expression.

    I speak without words

    and pray to still be heard." - JLScott

    When you can't stand criticism, you learn to be a perfectionist.


    It's human to make mistakes and to feel incomplete. Perhaps if we were all smooth plastic printouts, we could expect perfection of ourselves. Each man is actually a process. We are not things, but events - happenings - and the events are still unfolding. These are our creative spiritual adventures.

    We have somehow learned that openness to criticism is dangerous. Perhaps we thought someone would not like us if we were wrong, or that we would get hurt or belittled. When we live with a relationship to our Higher Power, we can stand up for ourselves. A man has a right to make some mistakes! We grow more if we allow ourselves the leeway of simply being in process.

    I will not ask to have the power of perfection. I will only ask that I not be alone in the process of living my life.

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