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  • "Unanswered"

    Title: Unanswered

    Dimensions: 28" x 22" stretched canvas

    Medium: Acrylic


    I had been waiting for a title to come to mind for this piece. Nothing. As I was about to type "Untitled" as the name for this painting, "UNANSWERED" came to mind instead. The answer for a title hadn't yet come - and that in itself was the answer for a title! 

    It perfectly fits this piece.  Is it a sunrise, or a sunset? Is it the beginning of a new day - filled with possibilities and opportunities? Is it a chance to try again and do the day a little bit better than the one before? Or, is it another day ending? Another day ending, leaving you feeling as if your prayers will never be answered. More questions than answers. But that's what faith is for. Moving forward in faith and trusting in the "Unanswered."


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