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"Stand by You"
  • "Stand by You"


    Title: Stand by you

    Dimensions: 18x24 Stretched Canvas

    Medium: Acrylic


    God continues to speak to me through his creation and graciously allows me to personify elements of nature with human experiences and emotions.

    To me, this painting shares the story of someone going through a depression. Its friends quietly and protectively stay near. Not trying to fix him. Not insisting he should straighten up and join them. But compassionately letting their friend go through whatever it is feeling, while continuing to remain close - in an unintrusive way. This is what true kindness, understanding and empathy looks like.



    Signed & Numbered LIMITED EDITION PRINTS are now available! 8x10's in an edition of 100, 11x14 in an edition of 50. and 18x24 in an addition of only 10!


    Moab's Somerset Enhanced Velvet is an amazing fine art paper!  This textured paper is milled by the St. Cuthberts Mill in Somerset, England. It is an acid-free, 100% cotton, single-side coated paper showing a natural white finish with a slightly textured matte surface that has a soft velvet-like feel. A high-quality, mould-made paper, it is ideal for digital fine art reproductions. We now print this on Canon Printers using the Canon Lucia inks due to their superior archivability and increased color range.

    • Shipping Times

      Original Paintings Ship in 5-7 Business Days

      Prints are custom ordered and ship in 14-21 Business Days

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