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Title: Spectacular Sunbeams

Dimensions: 30x24 stretched canvas

Medium: Acrylic


Part of the Majesty Series, "Spectacular Sunbeams" is a 30" x 24" acrylic painting created from a friend's photo taken in Maine. While this piece can simply be viewed as an aesthetically pleasing composition, if one looks more deeply, they may internally be drawn in to a deeper message.

A yellow sky often indicates there is a winter storm brewing during a relatively warm day.  As the sun confidently emerges among the clouds , its spectacular sunbeams illustrate just how far the Light can reach. 
I feel this perfectly personifies shared human emotions and experiences.  The gray storms of life often cause many of us to dwell in the darkest shadows. So often, we become stuck in the darkness and feel as if we will never find our way out.  If we remain tenacious, hold on to hope, and continue looking for openings in the clouds, the Light has an opportunity to radiate through our darkness. Whether in the form of a higher power, or a compassionate and caring friend, we can begin to feel the warmth of a light that had been temporarily hidden.


Spectacular Sunbeams

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