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Title: Seven Eyes

Dimensions: 16x20 Canvas Panel

Medium: Multimedia (texture paste, acrylic, oil pastel)


To the ancients, eyes represented wisdom and knowledge. This painting came out of seemingly nowhere and I laughted at how different, weird and pointless this creation was. But the more I looked at it, the more I scrutinized. Meaning and knowledge only came to me AFTER I was trying to make sense of what I had created. The textured illusion of a fence was my perceived boundary of protection from the chaotic waves and storms. Initially, I thought the eyes opening in the rock were part of the horror that little tiny fence was attempting to hold back. As I realized that I had randomly painted seven eyes instead of and even number, I was gre curious. Seven. I looked up the spiritual significance of seven eyes - and then a rock with seven eyes. The Stone with seven eyes would represent Messiah in His perfect wisdom and knowledge. Also sometimes referred to as the Seven Eyes of Protection, this perfectly random creation suddenly had meaning.

My little fence won't protect me from the ensuing storms - but my Messiah will!

"Seven Eyes"

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