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" Precious Puppets"

" Precious Puppets"

Title:  Precious Puppets

Dimensions: 18" x 24" stretched canvas

Medium: Soft Chalk Pastel & Marker


If you've listened to any news channel over the past few years, you might have a breaking heart for what it happening to our children. I know I sure do! That's where the five quick pieces in the "Cry Out for the Children" series came from - my heartbreak and frustration with what the children in our world are dealing with. Pandemic seperation; Pizzagate; Mandates, Cages at Borders; War; Indoctrinations; Abuse...  Eventually, we hear about all the insanity so much, that it somehow begins to feel sadly "normal." What many chilcdren in our world are being forced to endure as part of their childhood should never be! Much of what children endure is in no way "normal," and often borders on inhumane.

    $500.00 Regular Price
    $375.00Sale Price
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