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Drawn to the Light
  • Drawn to the Light

    Title: Drawn to the Light

    Dimensions: 24x24 stretched canvas

    Medium: Acrylic

    I used to live in darkness.

    Lost in physical illness and pain. Wishing to die. Angry at my perceived loss of self and that which provided my identity. Depressed. Choosing isolation. Hiding from connection. Chained to addictions. Believing there was no way out. Convinced that I wasn't worth the air in my lungs. Aggrieved that my heart continued to beat in my chest.

    I saw a glimpse of Light in the distance. I was drawn to the Light, for it spoke hope to my soul. I had become drawn to the possibilities it spoke over my life. I began to feel the warmth it provided.

    Desiring. Chasing. I drew nearer and nearer. I trusted it would save me from the darkness. I longed to be in its presence. This Light promised to restore me to who I was created to be. I made a choice to leave the darkness.

    I now live in Light.

      $800.00 Regular Price
      $400.00Sale Price
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