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"An Easier Softer Way"

"An Easier Softer Way"


Title: An Easier Softer Way

Dimensions: 18x24 Stretched Canvas - Framed

Medium: Acrylic


Once I finally surrendered completely – God did for me what I could never do for myself. I (the red flower) continue to grow closer to the Light, becoming more vibrant, full of color and life. One petal - purposely left as a pencil sketch – fully unrendered.  As much as we change and transform toward who our Creator always intends for us to be -There will never be a point where we are complete. Notice the one strand of root reaching back into the dark, hard, rocky soil – serving as a lifeline to those still hoping that, someday, they too will find their way to a better life.



Gilcee Canvas Reproductions are Open Edition.

Fine Art Prints  are Limited Edition. These high quality giclee reproductions are printed on Epson Velvet FIne Art Paper with 1" white boarder. Signed and ready for framing!


  • Shipping Times

    Original Paintings Ship in 5-7 Business Days

    Prints are custom ordered and ship in 14-21 Business Days

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