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Working Around Life's Detours

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Just because life has thrown you off course, doesn't mean it can't still be lived to the fullest! In 2005, I was taken out of the business world and thrown into the role of full time patient. Now that I have come to accept that my illnesses are chronic - I have also come to accept that I can still have goals and dreams in spite of it all! It just looks a whole lot more challenging then when I was physically able to keep up with my Type A brain! But God has me here for a reason. My life has a purpose - even within the limitations of my "new normal." I need to keep moving forward - being patient with myself and giving myself grace when things don't always go according to plan.

Has something happened to throw your original life plans off course? Re-adjust your sails, sailor!

I got so excited when God showed me how to use the gifts he gave me for a higher purpose, that I jumped right in without fully thinking it through. I just kept busy and kept moving...without a lot of forethought. An active infection has been keeping me mostly housebound this summer. God has given me plenty of time to think! God did what was needed to slow me down enough to realize I was spinning my wheels and wasting what limited mental energy I had. Wisdom imparted that, with my chronic illnesses, I need to work smarter - not just faster and harder. That means taming my impulsiveness and not skipping any necessary little steps along the way. It's time to get organized and that starts with formalizing a business plan for me as an artist, and tweaking the existing business plan for the workshops.

What goals are you working on? Do you have a tangible, well though-out plan of what you really want and how you're going to get there? Maybe we can work on our separate goals....together!

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So your circumstances aren't perfect? This has been my home "office" for the past year!! You just make it work!

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