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8/16/19 Acceptance and Grace

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

One of my biggest struggles has been the acceptance that my illness is here to stay. Every time I am feeling better I try to sweep it under the rug like it never existed, and boldly make plans for my life going forward. And then....I have some kind of a set back. I used to believe that I only had a purpose and only deserved love if I was always performing and accomplishing. So every time my health made plans impossible, I would angrily quit instead of just patiently tweaking things to match my physical and mental energy. I'm done quitting!! Just because my circumstances aren't always the greatest doesn't mean I can't still find joy and purpose daily. There is definitely joy and purpose in being an entrepreneur, creating art, facilitating workshops, and helping others. But there can be just as much joy and purpose in laying in bed feeling like poop - if you seek to find it,

Like the apostle Paul - I want to be able to graceful accept any and all circumstances and find joy and purpose within ALL of it!!! God is using all of it to transform me into the best possible version of myself - and I am going to let him!!!

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