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2/13/2021 - A Bigger Revelation

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Wowzah! I am honestly not even quite sure where to begin!

A lifelong story of always veering to the left or to the right; never staying focused on the lit path before me! A story of addictions, grief & loss, domestic abuse, rape, severe acute illnesses, depression, PTSD, and living with multiple chronic illnesses. More importantly, though, it is a story of how God has taken every single dot along the journey of my life and is now revealing how each is connected to a bigger picture! A real-life story of faith, tenacity, healing, redemption, and purpose! Most importantly, to be sure, this is a story of hope!

I truly feel like everything leading up to this point in my life – especially these past four years of flailing around and trying to find my way within my new normal – all happened for a specific reason. It seems as if every book I had “started” to write was actually a spiritual exercise to help me see my truth more clearly. It seems as if every subject I copied, photo I referenced, style or technique I attempted, medium I chose to play with – it was all vital practice and experimentation meant to help me find what I enjoyed most and what I would eventually incorporate into my unique style. It seems as if everything that has happened thus far, is what has been leading me to discover my truth, my passions, and my purpose. I feel that every new thing I have learned about myself, every dream I have chased, every skill I have developed – each has been preparing me for “such a time as this.” (Esther 4:14)

If you’ll allow, I would love to share the highlight moments of this amazing journey with you! Okay, to be honest, I feel that God is “not-so-gently” nudging me to share my journey with you.

As a matter of fact, I was trying to paint in my studio this morning and I could not seem to get myself going. My mind was preoccupied with a flood of messages repeatedly telling me to share everything that He has been disclosing and everything that “we’ve” been planning and everything that we are currently working on! One unmistakable message came through loud and clear this morning! I knew it would be pointless to even start painting! (At least not with this current directive to “share my journey” dancing around in my head, lol.) It felt as if God were telling me not to get too far ahead in “our” story without telling others about it. To slow down, go back to the beginning, and start sharing all the exciting stuff that God has been recently clarifying regarding my artistic direction and my purpose. Something deep inside has been repetitively telling me that I am being called to share this journey as a story of hope for others. I truly feel that God was trying to get my attention long enough to hear this particular directive when my artistic flow at the easel was brought to an abrupt halt. No more painting until I finally came into agreement with this “not-so-gentle nudging.

As you can see, I decided to attempt a newsletter format as a simple way to start sharing. At this moment, I am not certain if sharing this journey will look like a weekly or monthly newsletter, a short daily thought, a weekly blog, a bi-weekly video blog, YouTube videos, or all-of-the-above. Once I feel that I have more clarity on the direction forward – I will certainly let you know! I just know that I was being called to start sharing and to start sharing RIGHT NOW!

I guess this first rough newsletter is my way of fully committing to the idea of sharing my story. This is my next new beginning. My way of reaching out and keeping you in the loop as God further reveals his plan and guides the direction of my art and other pursuits. I am committed to sharing God’s revelations as we work together to intentionally connect all the dots of my life. I can finally see all the dots beginning to reveal something beautiful!!

Stay tuned, as more will be revealed…

From The Studio

Well, as I alluded to, I feel all the art I have created until now was done to prepare me for what God is now calling me to. I feel He has shown me consistent themes in much of my past work, the color schemes I am most drawn to, the styles and techniques that I favor, and how I can incorporate them ALL into one unique style. In one week of time, I was given the vision for 16 different sketches! Here’s the kicker though. I am NOT going to be able to share any of this new art with you…yet. I believe this is another season of preparation and great transformation for me. God is helping me to learn the lesson of delaying the gratification that comes from instant positive feedback. He is transforming me by training my mind to NOT seek people’s random approval – but to seek His will. I finally feel aligned with my purpose and believe God wants me to stop chasing people’s approval in exchange for something far better – something that He has not yet fully revealed. I also feel that people’s comments or opinions might easily influence the direction of my art and possibly throw me off the artistic path I feel God is leading me on. (More on “why I’m not sharing my new art” in a future newsletter.) So… until 20 pieces are done in this style and with the same consistent message; and until God clarifies my next steps; only teeny progress shots will be shared and no completed work. THIS is going to be a very real challenge for me, lol, but I’m trusting God for more!


“How do you know if your dreams and visions are aligned with your purpose? Every experience that you’ve ever had suddenly begins to make sense! All the dots start connecting and begin to reveal a beautiful picture of what your life is meant to be!” – Jennifer L. Scott


While I am not yet sharing my new work, many of the original pieces that led to where I am today are still available for purchase! Many which are done in styles or color schemes that will be carrying over into my newer pieces! Prints and merchandise are also available on my website! So if you haven’t already done so….please check it out!.

Contact Information:

Jennifer L. Scott

Created to Create Studios, LLC

3544 N. Oconto Avenue

Chicago, IL 60634



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