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7-9-21 Acceptance, Surrender, Reality

So, it took me over 16 years to releases my pride and ego and come to a place of acceptance. Acceptance that my body is having a harder and harder time painting these days, Acceptance that the project I am currently working on will most likely be my first - and last - major art event. Acceptance that I am going to need help from others to make it happen. I try so hard not to bother others because my illnesses already make me feel like such a burden. But I fully believe that the concept of this series, the testimony of hope, and the unexpected twist of how and where this series might be released - came directly from God. God wants this to happen or he wouldn't have put this perfect opportunity in my path. He also wants me to practice what I preach about asking for hep and not doing life alone. It is so humbling for me to finally surrender my stubborn independence, and allow God to complete his work in this project by allowing myself to finally ask for help. We aren't meant to do life - or have wonderful dreams - alone. Uncomfortable as this is for me - if I want to do the best job possible for God - I need to include others by asking for help. Wow, God really is growing me this year....

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