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7-31-21 Waiting and Learning

I haven't been doing newsletters or blogs because I truly have been in an extended holding pattern and have nothing new to talk about. During the waiting I am becoming "filled and skilled." The lessons I am learning about relinquishing control and trusting God's timing instead of becoming fearful and anxious, and more powerful than ever. My confidence is such, that I am continuing to learn new skills - like photographing my own art and updating the website and continue to work on the book.. as if the "Yes" has already come. I believe that if this entire "Redemptive Beauty" project was God's gracious gift of an opportunity to share my testimony through my art - and to share a message of hope - then nothing will stop it from coming to fruition! I will continue taking forward moving action steps even before receiving the official "yes." That's how much I am believing and trusting God for this one!

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