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3-22-22 What About Prints?

Do you ever wonder why you can buy an 8x10 print in ranges of $5-$70? It's because all prints are NOT created equal! An artist must first get their work photographed or scanned, and then color corrected to best match the original. After that, you decide WHAT you want to print your images on. My Darkroom page only sells Luster Paper Prints. This is the equivalent of a quality photo print. Fine art prints are an entirely different animal! There are so many types of papers, canvas, and other media to choose from and the price ranges are just as vast. I prefer my fine are prints to be done on Somerset Velvet museum quality, fine art paper, and offer gallery wrapped, ready to hang, canvas prints as well. And just as there is a huge difference in the material being printed on.... the type of ink being used and the actual printing process play a huge role in pricing. This video talks about the difference between the less expensive everyday prints - and high quality fine are prints. I hope that this information helps you on your next art print purchase!

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